Free Flu Shots from Meijer

Free Flu Shots from Meijer

December 8, 2020

Free Flu Shots from Meijer

Our mission is to foster our neighborhood’s well-being—in all senses of the word. We’re proud to support our students’ education and provide healthy food assistance for families. Recently, we incorporated Circles GR, a mentoring program that encourages financial well-being. Of course, the physical health of our neighbors is extremely important as well, especially in times like these. For the crucial task of promoting physical health, our friends from Meijer came to campus to lend us a hand.

While a different disease might be on most of our minds lately, we encouraged our neighbors to get the flu shot as it helps adults to stay healthy at work and kids to perform their best in school.

When Meijer’s talented team of pharmacists came to our campus to give out free flu shots, there was no reason not to get one. People stayed in their car when the pharmacists administered the shot so we could practice social distancing. Dozens of our neighbors were able to get their shot as well as a small gift bag courtesy of Meijer Pharmacy. The team from Meijer were awesome. We are so excited to be their partners!

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