Food Center Expansion Serves More Families

Food Center Expansion Serves More Families

March 16, 2023

Food Center Expansion Serves More Families

In December 2022, we received a call from Don Smith, the president of CMS Displays. After touring his business, we learned that he wanted to donate new displays for our Food Center. Inside the Food Center, shoppers are allowed to choose grocery staples like bread, dairy products, and produce to supplement their family’s budget. We focus on nutritious and fresh food whenever possible. Thanks to the generosity of our friends at CMS Displays, we were able to handpick the displays that would best suit our space.

The next month, we had a team of volunteers rearrange the existing shelves, refrigerators, and freezers to make room for the new displays. We were able to expand the Food Center because other supplies for student programming had been moved to the new education rooms in the Health Center building. We took down the old wooden shelves and pushed everything up against the wall to create more floor space. Then our team helped install the beautiful new displays.

Before the expansion, old shelves held student programming materials.

Old metal shelves were clunky and unattractive.

New displays donated by CMS Displays are beautiful and modern.

Expanded room in the Food Center allows us to host 8 more shopping appointments each week.

With the more spacious set up, there are fewer bottlenecks for shoppers and things flow much more smoothly. We’ve also been excited to have families register at the new front desk in the Health Center, instead of running back and forth in the parking lot. Our volunteers work hard to keep appointments going smoothly. With the extra space and efficiencies, we’ve been able to increase the amount of shopping appointments to add 24 more spots each week!

In January of 2023, we served 506 families. With the government ending pandemic-related support to families who receive SNAP benefits (as of Feb. 28), we anticipate more families may need food. The timing of this Food Center expansion and increase in appointments serves us well in continuing to meet the needs of our community.

Are you interested in getting involved in the Food Center? You can donate, volunteer, or make a shopping appointment.

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