Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

January 10, 2019

Christmas Gifts

by Paula Guikema

16 kids came together last December to make ornaments, play basketball, and eat some delicious Chick-Fil-A. This, of course, was during our Middle School Christmas Party!

Volunteer Jon Laue began the night with prayer. We then sang Christmas songs led by Steve Germany, Hillside Community Church worship leader. For many of our kids, this was the first time they had heard Christian Christmas songs. Despite this, they all enjoyed singing along.

Since no Christmas party is complete without gifts, we gave each student a book donated by HarperCollins Publishers. The variety of books ranged from devotionals to books about God’s promises.

On top of that, they were each given a $5 gift card to McDonald’s and a gift bag of candy donated by Women In The Word, a Bible study group from Hillside Community Church. This wonderful group of women had come to our campus that morning and put together 60 gifts bags, complete with a personal note on each.

Before the night was over, I told the kids, “Isn’t it amazing that so many people who have never met you, love you this much?” As the kids left, many thanked me and the other adults for a wonderful time!

It’s thanks to the generous contributions that we were able to host such a special Christmas party. Your donations contribute to our community though this and many other programs. See the full list of Streams of Hope programs here, and THANK YOU for your involvement!


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