February Prayer Requests

February Prayer Requests

February 7, 2023

February Prayer Requests

It has been an exciting start to the year at Streams and we continue to spend time in prayer over the work God is calling us to. As we look toward the rest of the month, join me in bringing the following requests before our Heavenly Father:

  • Food Center: Continued prayers for God to supply the resources needed to serve our neighbors. Prayers for our community as SNAP benefits will be cut at the end of the month. This will likely result in an increase in the number of families needing food. Pray that we will have the necessary resources to provide for the additional families that may come our way.

  • SWAG: In February the focus is on Black History Month and mental health awareness. Pray that students will be engaged, willing to learn, and be open about their own experiences.

  • Tutoring: Praise God that the launch of the new format has gone well. Pray for the transition to continue to go smoothly for both tutors and students. We are grateful that we have 71 tutoring spots filled and have room for more students to join. Pray for students to learn well and gain confidence to know they CAN do it. Pray for students to feel the love of Jesus through interactions with tutors.

  • GEMS Girls’ Club: Praise the Lord for a great launch to this program. Pray for the girls to continue to be excited about coming and for the program to grow. Pray for them to have fun and learn how much Jesus loves them.

  • Thrive: Prayers as we look toward launching a new cohort in a few weeks. Pray that individuals will want to participate and be a part of the program.

  • We are grateful for God’s provision for Streams. Pray for continued financial support from our donors to sustain the work God is calling us to.

  • Pray that the financial resources will be provided for us to pay off the remaining balance on the new building.


Current Needs

  • Tutoring: We could use some certified teachers that would be willing to be on our sub list when our tutors aren’t able to be there. Subs are paid by the hour and plans are prepared for them by the tutor.

  • Thrive: Thrive is a program that seeks to connect and support community members who want to move from surviving to thriving. We are launching a new cohort and are looking for more individuals to participate. Contact mallory@streamsgr.org for more information.

  • SWAG: As our SWAG program grows and we add to it, we are in need of adult volunteers to come spend time with students.

  • Please Note: We are no longer participating in the Spartan Nash/Family Fare Direct your Dollar’s program. Therefore, we are no longer accepting Family Fare receipts.

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