SimplyGive is Here!

SimplyGive is Here!

May 21, 2019

SimplyGive is Here!

Exciting news! Streams of Hope is partnering with our Gaines Township Meijer Store again through their Meijer SimplyGive Campaign from Sunday, May 12th through Saturday, June 22nd.

Most importantly our DOUBLE MATCH DAYS are on FRIDAY, MAY 31 and FRIDAY, JUNE 14! For every $10 you donate, your amazing Gaines Township Meijer Store will turn it into $30!

 This initiative helps us provide healthy, nutritious food to over 500+ community families at our Streams of Hope Food Center. Here’s how it works:

  1. You can find “Simply Give” gift cards at the Gaines Meijer at 1801 Marketplace Drive SE  Kalamazoo Avenue Meijer or at Streams of Hope.
  2. You can bring your “Simply Give” monetary donations to Streams of Hope on Tuesday or Thursday from 11am-1pm or 6pm-8pm. We will turn any monetary donations into gift cards for Streams of Hope.
  3. Meijer will then give Streams of Hope food gift cards that can be used in their store to purchase product for our food center
  4. DOUBLE MATCH! Meijer will double match your amount on May 31st and June 14th. 

When using the cards just let the cashier know that you would like the donation to go to Streams of Hope. Take one donation card and give it to the clerk as you are checking out at Meijer. You can let the clerk know the $ amount that you would like to donate Streams and they will add this amount to your bill.

We need your help to make a difference in this community! Thank you so much for making this opportunity a great success.

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