Mouse’s Christmas Gift

Mouse’s Christmas Gift

January 17, 2019

Mouse’s Christmas Gift

by Kristi Cole

We are so grateful to friends at HarperCollins Christian, who donated 80 brand new hardcover books to give to our students as Christmas gifts. The books were published through Zondervan Publishing. The title was Mouse’s Christmas Gift by Mindy Baker.

This book was a great choice for our students because it tells the story of a tiny mouse who is able to spread the Christmas spirit through small acts of hope and faith, creating a chain reaction among the townspeople.

Some children unwrapped their book right away, while others wanted to take it home and share it with their family. One girl even commented on how pretty the cover was with the sparkly glitter! Some students were able to read the book immediately on their own; others received help from our tutors.

Gifts like this one truly communicate to our students that they are loved and valued. Thank you!


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