Gift Bags for Kids!

Gift Bags for Kids!

January 23, 2019

Gift Bags for Kids!

 by Barb Nauta

December was a very exciting month for Streams of Hope. Streams of Hope partner, Alto Precision, donated Christmas packages for our community kids. The team consisted of Alto Precision employees, owner Dave Owen, and his amazing family. They created 260 beautiful Christmas gift bags with wonderful gifts like soccer balls, water bottles, stuffed animals, stickers, stationary, and bags.

Thanks to their generosity, all Food Center patrons with children 2 to 12 years old received a Christmas gift bag for each of their kids. The adults also received a beautiful coloring book!

We continue to be so blessed with monetary donations and gifts from our wonderful Alto Precision Streams of Hope family. Their generosity is blessing so many families in our community.

Thank you, Alto Precision, for your continued support!


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