Rent a Garden Plot this Summer

Rent a Garden Plot this Summer

April 15, 2021

Rent a Garden Plot this Summer

Are you looking for a place to grow your own fruits or vegetables this summer? The Streams of Hope community garden has spots available! Learn more below:

What is a community garden?

The garden is a fenced area on the Streams of Hope campus with 24 individual plots. Each plot is 4 by 16 feet and can be rented all summer long for just $20. The community garden allows neighbors to grow their own produce, which is very helpful for those who may not have space or tools at their own home.

The Streams of Hope garden includes:

  • garden space with fence and locked gate
  • access to some garden tools such as shovels, a garden hoe, etc.
  • a locked tool shed for storage of tools
  • in-garden water access and use of watering can and hose
  • the opportunity to meet other gardeners and share ideas

Why is a community garden beneficial?

Community gardens are so great,” shared Garden Manager Betty Van Til. “You learn so many tips and techniques from others. You also have the opportunity to share your surplus produce with each other.”

There’s also the opportunity to collaborate with your fellow gardeners. Betty said, “Most participants spend several hours a week tending their plots. Weeding, watering, planting, harvesting – all require a bit of effort, but the rewards of garden fresh produce far outweigh the work in my opinion. It’s healthier, more flavorful, locally produced, you control everything from start to finish. No pesticides, etc.”

How do I get involved?

Start by emailing our garden managers (learn more about them here) Brian and Betty Van Til at Also reference the information and registration form here. 

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