Forming Healthy Habits

Forming Healthy Habits

March 4, 2019

Forming Healthy Habits

Are you looking for that extra push to develop healthy habits? We have just the thing for you!

One of the many programs Streams of Hope offers is the NOW (Nutritional Options for Wellness) program. This program is a lifestyle change program supporting under-resourced adults with chronic disease. We recently launched a brand new class as part of our Nutritional Options for Wellness program in collaboration with Spectrum Health and everyone is invited to join us.

From the beginning of February, our class has met every Tuesday at 10:00 AM with two employees from Spectrum Health to help participants cultivate a healthier lifestyle. By alternating from cooking classes to discussions every week, our sessions provide hands-on learning opportunities for everything taught in class! Since our first class in February, we have covered subjects pertaining to all areas key to a healthy lifestyle including goal setting and physical activity. The full schedule of events are as follows:

February 5: WHAT’S YOUR WHY? Discussion about motivation

February 12: HABITS CLASS Discussion about forming healthy habits/goal setting


February 26 HEALTHY RECIPE cooking class

March 5 MINDFUL eating/ STRESS eating

March 12 HEALTHY RECIPE cooking class

March 19 LABEL reading

March 26 HEALTHY RECIPE cooking class

April 2 SLEEP and WEIGHT control

April 9 HEALTHY RECIPE cooking class



Our class is in full swing and we are always eager to see more faces! Are you ready to make the leap to a healthier you? Contact Barb for more information.


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