Crossroads “Missions Team” Blesses our Food Center

Crossroads “Missions Team” Blesses our Food Center

February 3, 2020

Crossroads “Missions Team” Blesses our Food Center

Crossroads Bible Church has been a Streams of Partner since 2018. In addition to global partnerships, Crossroads Bible Church also serves the community by partnering with local organizations like us! The group of individuals who engage in these programs are known as the Missions Team. In fact, one of Streams of Hope’s own team members, Marc, is also part of the Missions Team at Crossroads. A few weeks ago, the missions team came to our campus to hold a meeting and visit the site.

Below, you’ll find a short write-up from Crossroads Pastor Jeremiah about his time with us:

“Streams of Hope has an amazing Food Center that serves families in the community. They provide dignity to people by providing a great shopping experience that feels as though you are in an actual grocery store and allows participants the opportunity to choose the food that they need.

It doesn’t end there though, as Streams of Hope provides caring relationships and also helps direct families to resources that can assist them in working through whatever difficulty they might be facing. Crossroads is extremely excited and encouraged by the work that is happening at Streams of Hope and looks forward to partnering more in the work that they are doing.”

Crossroads Pastor Jeremiah Weismann

The Crossroads Bible Church presented Streams of Hope with $5k contribution to benefit our Food Center! Our partnership with Crossroads reminds us of the generous spirit of our community. We feel so grateful for Crossroads and their Mission Team!

Find volunteer opportunities at Streams of Hope here. Whether you’re an individual or in a group, we’d love to have you at our campus!

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